Everyone wants to know, what the hell is Poems To Go,
Well it's hard for a poet to make a living, So for any occasion, be it Birthday or Thanksgiving, Weddings, Roasts, Christmas, Husband, Wife, Mistress,
Any emotion you want to express, Any feeling you want to undress,
You just tell me what you want, I'll put the words in your heart,
You'll have a signed original poem, personalized and unique,
Your own personal poet, on call when your muse goes to sleep.

What I Offer You

Harriet B. Kahn creates original poems, speeches, and toasts; whether humorous, sentimental, raunchy, or otherwise.

  • "She even wrote a poem for my bookie when he got out of jail --- twice."
  • "Every time I get married I ask Harriet to write a poem."
    Salvatore M.
  • "She did my eulogy."
    Ted G.